The Summer of Solidarity Tour is a 17-day, 13-city coast-to-coast tour of Steelworker local union activists and community allies from across the country aimed at supporting local struggles and connecting them with the broader fight against corporate power. The tour starts in Philadelphia, PA on August 17th and wraps up in Los Angeles on Labor Day—September 2nd.

Along the tour, tour members will facilitate workshops and educational activities; perform hip-hop shows and other cultural events; and take to the streets in creative and dynamic actions in support of local struggles. Tour members include longtime Steelworker activists who’ve fought through tough strikes and lockouts against companies like Honeywell and Vale; local union leaders who are organizing new and innovative projects in their communities like the CLEAN Carwash Campaign in Los Angeles and Fight Back Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh; and community allies with backgrounds in education, journalism, and direct action.

The project is rank-and-file driven and it’s not being funded or organized by any national union or federation.

The Summer of Solidarity tour is an opportunity to build and strengthen connections between grassroots labor and economic justice organizers around the country. It’s also a tool to amplify, support, and provide a brief burst of support for local struggles in communities across the country.